Single-sheet forming

The single-sheet thermoforming process at Linbrunner involves clamping a sheet of plastic into a carriage and heating it on both sides. At the end of the heating process the mould is raised and a vacuum used to move the homogeneously heated plastic sheet against the mould. Compressed air is used to support the demoulding process.


This environmentally friendly process can be used by Linbrunner to produce an extensive range of parts up to a maximum size of 2160 mm x 1260 mm with an original material thickness of between 0.5 mm and 10 mm.

The advantages of single-sheet forming

Single-sheet formed parts are relatively cheap compared to injection-moulded or even sheet metal parts. The tooling used to produce these parts can usually be engineered at an affordable price. Compared with aluminium formed parts, plastic formed parts are particularly interesting for lightweight constructions because the weight of the component only accounts for 30%. In addition, almost any surface structure/texture is possible with plastic formed parts. Plastics can also be ordered in different RAL colours so parts do not need to be coated after the forming process.

Single forming offers the following advantages::

  • LESS WEIGHT: you have the option of changing from an existing “heavy” metal part to a lighter plastic part
  • SUSTAINABILITY: the products are pure and therefore 100% recyclable
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS: even smaller quantities can be fabricated at an affordable price

We work closely with customers in the following sectors



Truck parts and accessories, protective covers for technical equipment, fridge fittings, air shafts


Mobile vending equipment

Cool boxes, usherette trays
and a whole lot more



Medical storage solutions, hospital equipment


Office equipment

Seating, desk drawers and similar, acoustic panels